Synopsis: Lillian is found in bed with another old woman at her aged care facility. The facility only see the risks of the situation. They inform Lillian’s children, Stewart and Adrienne, of their decision to transfer their mother to another home. Stewart and Adrienne struggle to not only process the revelation about their mother’s complicated sexuality but also work out the right thing to do. They try to draw some answers from their mother, but Lillian has other things on her mind.

Writer and Director: Jamieson Pearce
Director of Photography: Alex Serafini
Production and Costume Designer: Isabella Andronos
Editor: Kathryn Alley
Sound Designer: Ryan Granger
Casting Director: Stevie Ray CGA

Starring: Melissa Jaffer, Jo Turner, and Angie Millkien.

Made as part of the Lexus Short Film Fund ‘Strangers’ premiered at Sydney Film Festival in 2019

Screenings/ Awards

  • Melbourne International Film Festival 2019 - part of Accelerator program.

  • Iris Film Festival, Cardiff 2019

  • Nominated for a Screen Producers Guild award for Short Film, 2019.